Kristin Clark
Cell: 517.582.1580  |  Office:  517.580.7080 

A proud agent of Inspired Home Real Estate and Staging
1675 Watertower Place Suite 800, East Lansing, MI 48823

"As a real estate investor, I’m not only interested in getting a great property, I’m also interested in getting a great deal. This is why it is such an advantage to work with Kristin Keiswetter Clark. Kristin’s finger is on the pulse of the market. We looked at several homes on the first day they became available! Kristin’s connections, knowledge, and experience made the whole process smooth and easy. A class act!!"
"As new investors, we can’t say enough positive things about Kristin! She answered every one of our questions completely and was calm and friendly throughout the entire process. When it came down to negotiating our deal and settling all the paperwork, she guided us through it seamlessly and efficiently. If you want someone who will be with you every step of the way, we strongly recommend Kristin!"
"Kristin and I worked together a while back. She’s a good listener and is curious about people. She has an easy way of helping folks identify what they want and figuring out how to match that want with an answer and does it in an easy, no pressure conversational way. Kristin is a partner. She showed me what families need in a home and how to make and keep it a home: a place where we begin important traditions and the place we want to come back to."