Kristin Keiswetter Clark


Financial-based decisions for smart (and stylish) moves in real estate.



How does it work? Kristin knows that a staged home sells faster and for a higher price (scroll for stats to prove it.) A warehouse full of premium and stylish staging items will leave little to imagination for buyers.  Combined with tailored pre-marketing, Kristin often elicits multiple offers.


Find a dream home at any PRICE

If you’re shopping in the Lansing Area, you need someone who knows the area better than anyone — so you can make a smart choice. With Kristin, you’ll have the experience and know-how to recognize a home’s true potential. Find a dream home at any price!


Investor-Friendly Real Estate Agent

Ready to earn some extra income? Kristin will help find the perfect investment opportunity for you. You need a trained eye to be decisive on a competitive market. Kristin Clark has the right experience and a proven record of success. 

Kristin Clark is Lansing’s
Premier Staging Agent

Staging real estate is part of the package when you work with Kristin Clark. 

It takes more than a sign in your yard to sell a home, and we have stats to prove the advantages of staging: 

1133 Southlawn, East Lansing

SOLD staged in 15 days, over list price. 

1012 Chesterfield, East Lansing

SOLD staged in 1 day, a little under list.

604 SUNSET, East Lansing

SOLD staged in 7 days, full price.

Kristin Clark is Lansing’s premier staging agent, and your best advocate in real estate. A lifetime of experience has crafted her skills to be the best partner to help you achieve your dream.

Wasted days on market, slow sales, and lost opportunities are a nightmare in real estate… Finding the right agent to start the process with is crucial.

Are you working with a qualified real estate agent?

Kristin’s background and education in upper-level Human Resources qualifies her as the premier staging agent for Lansing. Keep reading to learn how HER EXPERIENCE WILL SERVE YOU IN REAL ESTATE:

Crisis Management


Powers of Negotiation

A Duty to Advocate

The stress stops here. Getting to the end goal in real estate is a journey – and it’s not always a straight path. Kristin’s experience in crisis management has taught her to keep her eyes on the prize, and successfully navigate the delicate world of home buying and selling. 

Professional Match Making Skills. Experience in recruiting gives Kristin the knowledge to successfully pair you with the right opportunity in real estate. Whether it’s your dream home or a smart investment, it’s important to get it right the FIRST time with a qualified agent.

With a background in motivation theory, Kristin discovers the key to effective decision making. This leads to timely and beneficial choices to help you reach your goals. It’s a delicate balance of risk and reward in real estate, and Kristin will make sure you come out on top.

Before, during, and after a closing – you’re at the mercy of your agent’s expertise. Human resources and social work experience has trained Kristin to help people in vulnerable situations. She will be your best advocate from the beginning to end.


Kristin Keiswetter Clark

Want to work with Lansing's
premier staging agent?

Kristin Clark has many years of experience in Real Estate, with an impressive track record of selling homes that others couldn’t. Her days-on-market for vacant homes is especially exceptional.  Of her 25-year professional career, over 5 years (and growing) have been dedicated to fine-tuning her clients’ experience in real estate.  

Tailored Marketing

Kristin has a recipe for pre-marketing that goes the extra mile to generate buzz and publicity. Personalized and tailored marketing sells homes faster. Simply put, “I hustle harder” says Kristin.


Kristin knows the difference between trends and timelessness. You’ll know where to put your money and how to save your money too. With thrifty habits fine-tuned, you can have champagne taste on a beer budget and bring your real estate dreams to life. Whether buying, selling, flipping, or investing, work with an agent who can find the diamond in the rough.

BIG Network of
Residential Contractors

Kristin is a highly trained recruiter. “I went to school to get the RIGHT people in the right place.” If you want the best rate on the most qualified crew, have Kristin build a team for you.